Today, Norbert Preining wrote a blog post syndicated in planet talking about Sarah Sharp quitting Linux development, and making a parallel with the Debian community.

Once again, he's complaining about how the fun from Debian has been lost because making sexist jokes, or treating other people like shit is not allowed any more. He seems to think the LKML is the ideal environment and that Debian should be more like it.

He also celebrates that Ms Sharp[^SJW][^SJW2] left Linux, because evidently the freedom to be a jerk to each other is more important than the contributions that she -or any other person that finds that atmosphere toxic, like mjg- has produced or could have produced in the future.

[^SJW]: Whom he calls "one more SJW", I guess then that after all, this is just about ethics in FOSS development.

[^SJW2]: At this point, using the term SJW in a discussion should equate to a Godwin, and mean that you lost the argument.

I would like to tell readers of Planet Debian that this view is not the norm in Debian any more. We are working hard to make the project more inclusive, fun, and welcoming to everybody.

Sadly, some people are still pining for the good ol' days, and won't give up so easily on their privilege.