After many years of working full-time for different companies and universities, I have resolved to start a career as an independent consultant.

As life is too short for boring jobs, I have decided to focus on challenging problems in the areas I have extensive experience in, the ones that are my life-long passions: systems administration and programming, and Debian-related tasks. Kids nowadays call what I do "DevOps", or even "SRE", but I prefer the old-school terminology.

I know there are many companies out there which have a small but hard-working IT department; and from time to time they might need somebody that can help with complex problems or projects. They probably do not have a need or the budget for a full-time position, so that is when I come into the picture.

I offer you creative solutions, crafted with utmost care for maintainability, respect for standards, and understanding of your needs.

If you want to hire me, you might want to check my CV. My contact email is tina at this very domain.


After leaving Google, I was desperate to find a modern monitoring system that would match the capabilities of Borgmon, the software used internally in the company. Two year later, Prometheus was announced and I became a fan immediately. Since then, I have packaged the core Prometheus suite for Debian, and started deploying it for customers.

If you are looking for an advanced monitoring system with great analytic tools, I can help you understand and deploy Prometheus.

man Tina(2), Tina(8)

I am also available for teaching in my area of expertise. Some of the topics I may cover are:

  • Basic and advanced programming lessons on C, Perl, Python.
  • Distributed systems.
  • Applications and systems security.
  • Unix and Linux systems internals, programming environment, and philosophy.
  • System administration topics and best practices.
  • Monitoring with Prometheus.


I have been associated with many communities through the years. I am a Debian Developer, and started a Debian User Group in Ireland.

I have also been active in OSM, I used to be very active in Fidonet, and I have had a short infatuation with Plan 9.

My Debian-related projects:


Sometimes I feel like sharing my thoughts with a wide audience, with varying degrees of success. If you are terribly bored, you can read my blog.

I also have some Personal stuff lying around, but you will not find that very interesting unless you're me.