I had lost interest in the DM thing. Since August, when I asked for advocacies, those were posted to the newmaint list, and then nothing happened. Also, since a few days ago my NM process is running again, and there was the questioning about people becoming DM when they're close to finishing NM.

Today, Gunnar sent a mail encouraging people in the Perl group to become DM, and I answered with those arguments. To my surprise, Joey Hess contacted me to tell me that my application ahd slipped under the radar for being too early and that I could be added now to the keyring. So I gathered all the required data and sent a bug report. A couple of hours later this message surprised me to no end: I am already a Debian Maintainer!!111one!!

I must say that I'm completely stunned, I'd have expected to wait a couple of weeks, or months... This feels so... un-debian! :)

I very happy for two reasons: obviously because now I can upload my own packages, but also because maybe this can finally make a difference for Debian. Thanks to everybody who has helped this to happen, and hope that more good changes are on our way!

Now, if you excuse me, I'll have a beer to celebrate. Tomorrow I will start pestering my sponsors for their last sponsored uploads :)