DC8 group photoYou can say that DebConf8 is officially is over for you, when you're finally home, after three weeks in Mar del Plata; go to a primary school friend's house to celebrate his birthday, and end the day watching a movie alone.

It's also when you delete the reminder for the two weekly IRC meetings, when you have to go back to classes, convince your boss not to kill you because of all the work hours spent on organisation, make your pet cat recognise you again, and be able to make a blog post about it.

What can I say about DC8? It's been madness, rush, fun, tiredness beyond belief, intoxication, mao, meetings every day with the hotel, friends that you get to see only once a year, musicians out of key, and pride. Pride of seeing people enjoying themselves, things going more or less as were planned, and being part of a group of people that worked hard to make this dream come true: thanks to all of you!

Clémence PoésyOne little thing I brought from MDQ is a copy of In Bruges, a movie I didn't know anything about, but whose title caught me. That's the movie I've just seen and loved because it brought me memoirs of Bruges and Belgium. City and country I visited last year after DebConf, and fell in love with. That's something else that DebConf has been for me: the opportunity to visit countries far away from mine, and not wanting to ever stop.

Anyway, I still want to see some fellow debianites before they go to their respective countries. So a barbecue will take place at my home this weekend, just to compete with Steve's. If you're still around, just talk to me to arrange details and eat a little more beef if you hadn't got an overdose yet!

By the way, I totally fell in love with Clémence Poésy after this movie :-)