As I announced in mailing lists a few days ago, the Debian SunCamp (DSC2017) is happening again this May.

SunCamp different to most other Debian events. Instead of a busy schedule of talks, SunCamp focuses on the hacking and socialising aspect, without making it just a Debian party/vacation.

DSC2016 - Hacking and discussing

The idea is to have 4 very productive days, staying in a relaxing and comfy environment, working on your own projects, meeting with your team, or presenting to fellow Debianites your most recent pet project.

DSC2016 - Tincho talking about Prometheus

We have tried to make this event the simplest event possible, both for organisers and attendees. There will be no schedule, except for the meal times at the hotel. But these can be ignored too, there is a lovely bar that serves snacks all day long, and plenty of restaurants and cafés around the village.

DSC2016 - Hacking and discussing

The SunCamp is an event to get work done, but there will be time for relaxing and socialising too.

DSC2016 - Well deserved siesta
DSC2016 - Playing Pétanque

Do you fancy a hack-camp in a place like this?

Swimming pool

Café Café terrace

One of the things that makes the event simple, is that we have negotiated a flat price for accommodation that includes usage of all the facilities in the hotel, and optionally food. We will give you a booking code, and then you arrange your accommodation as you please, you can even stay longer if you feel like it!

The rooms are simple but pretty, and everything has been renovated very recently.

Room Room view

We are not preparing a talks programme, but we will provide the space and resources for talks if you feel inclined to prepare one.

You will have a huge meeting room, divided in 4 areas to reduce noise, where you can hack, have team discussions, or present talks.

Hacklab Hacklab

Do you want to see more pictures? Check the full gallery

Debian SunCamp 2017

Hotel Anabel, LLoret de Mar, Province of Girona, Catalonia, Spain

May 18-21, 2017

Tempted already? Head to the wikipage and register now, it is only 2 months away!

Please try to reserve your room before the end of March. The hotel has reserved a number of rooms for us until that time. You can reserve a room after March, but we can't guarantee the hotel will still have free rooms.