Prometheus logo Just over 2 years ago, I started packaging Prometheus for Debian. It was a daunting task, mainly because the Golang ecosystem is so young, almost none of its dependencies were packaged, and upstream practices are very different from Debian's.

Today I want to announce that this is complete.

The main part of the Prometheus stack is available in Debian testing, which very soon will become the Stretch release:

These are available for a bunch of architectures (sadly, not all of them), and are the most important building blocks to deploy Prometheus in your network.

I have also finished preparing backports for all the required dependencies, and jessie-backports has a complete Prometheus stack too!

Adding to these, the archive already has the client libraries for Go, Perl, Python, and Django; and a bunch of other exporters. Except for the Postgres exporter, most of these are going to be in the Stretch release, and I plan to prepare backports for Jessie too:

Note that not all of these have been packaged by me, luckily other Debianites are also working on Prometheus packaging!

I am confident that Prometheus is going to become one of the main monitoring tools in the near future, and I am very happy that Debian is the first distribution to offer official packages for it. If you are interested, there is still lots of work ahead. Patches, bug reports, and co-maintainers are welcome!

Update 3/3/2017: Today the Perl client library was uploaded to unstable, and it is waiting for ftp-master approval.