"Ой у гаю, при Дунаю"/Oi u gaiu, pry Dunaiu, usually translated as "In a glade", is the title of a song I love. I first heard it about ten years ago, when I heard Milla's first album (she was not well known at the time, now she's quite popular because of her acting in many movies). It is a traditional Ukrainian folk song with a beautiful melody.

A few weeks ago, I wanted to hear that Milla record again, and then curiosity led me to search for the mysterious song. I found a different version in a slow rock tempo (Milla's version is in 3/4), that I recommend you to hear. That led me to the discovery of the The community music project, a group of people that record and edit music to later release it for free to friends and in the Internet. They have a lot of "world music" (I hate the term, but I don't know any other way of saying that), the musicians' quality varies, but there is some nice stuff to discover.