Last night I was about to sit down and write a post about how happy I was. After a long search, I found a beautiful appartment in Nice, with my flatmates we're cleaning and arranging stuff, we're planing parties and inviting friends to come over... When we were doing the moving, I started to see the city differenty: this time it was not just a visit. It made me remember the taste of starting from scratch, like when I did when I was 21.

But some jerks ruined the party. Before sitting to write the blog post, I said

I better check that the car is parked in a good place, tomorrow is Monday

. And all of a sudden three guys assaulted me, making me a pass thru a real bad moment, and taking the car and house keys. Nothing happened to me, luckily, but I have no more car. I spent the day making things straight with police, insurance, etc. I had to spend a HUGE load on money to change a stupid door lock (I still cannot believe that people pay that much money for this "security" stuff), and more importantly, they ruined my mood.

I'm really okay, so no need to help me or anything, I just wanted to say this somewhere.