I'm typing this from the departure gate of the Beauvais airport, about to board my plane back home. I came to Paris for the Debian MiniConf, a/k/a another excuse to meet so many friends. Needless to say, it was great fun.

I already signed and mailed all the keys from the KSP, and spent some time during the weekend finishing the transition of my blog from Blosxom to Ikiwiki. I liked Blosxom, specially the fact that it produced static pages, but I wanted to try Ikiwiki, with its elegance and so many interesting features. The combination of web-edition, backed by revision control, with a static blog finished convincing me.

So, I have just changed the feed link in Planet. I hope I don't flood you! (I took the effort of adding meta tags to all my old posts so the GUID won't change).

And thanks to the MiniConf team!