Continuing my nomadic experiment, I have just arrived in Buenos Aires. My plan is to live here for 3 months, working and enjoying the city like I never did before: I always lived in the suburbs and only came to the city to work or study.

After a few days seeing my immediate family and some close friends, today I finally went out, taking advantage of a beautiful spring day. And my first stop is the National Library.

Biblioteca Nacional - © Dan DeLuca, downloaded from Wikipedia, licenced as Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

I came with the intention of working a bit on some projects, but arriving as a visitor forbade me to enter the most interesting places of the library (now I have registered so next time they will not treat me as a tourist :)). It is an imposing building, I have seen it a few times before, but never entered it. I only learned today that in these grounds there used to be the presidential residence, back in Perón days, and then it was thoroughly demolished by the barbarians of the '55 coup.

I also learned this new building was only opened in 1992, which is surprising, as I don't remember the fact at all, and I was already 14.