That's a phrase I fully adhere to (I don't want to work), but that's not the point. There's a catchy song that I like a lot, it's sung in French and sounds like an old song (most places say it's an Edith Piaf's song). The chorus goes "Je ne veux pas travailler, je ne veux pas déjeuner...", and one would imagine that that's indeed the title.

But nothing of this is true, once again the Internets is full of fail. The band who performs the song is called Pink Martini, two of them are the authors of it, and they are from Oregon. It was recorded in 1997 (some audio filters did the magic), and it's called "Sympathique". It also seems that it was a big success, but probably not in my part of the world. I thought that somebody should set this straight somewhere, as I couldn't find anybody speaking of this confusion.

Having settled that, I invite you to listen to this wonderful song, and sing along that you don't wanna work (forget about the rest of the lyrics, it's a love song :-)).