*Ahem*... I'm soooo excited! After 884 days, I just became a DD. It was almost two years and a half of much work, learning, patience, struggling to keep the morale up, and more work. In fact, Debian is already taking almost all my free time since months ago, something I don't regret at all.

I was able to do most of the things I wanted to do, even without an account, including: DebConf organisation, team-maintaining packages (sorry pkg-perl folks, dc8 didn't leave me much time lately), some QA work, coding tools, etc. But this small feat has a huge symbolic importance to me, now the project as a whole is recognising me as a full member; many people already did individually, but sometimes you need the "official" stuff.

So thanks to all the people that helped me during the way (sorry for the omissions!): maxy, for introducing me to Debian, marga for encouraging me to apply to NM —and all the moral support—, des for the help and the sarcasm, damog for being my first AM, even if we had our problems, ana for being my second AM and being so supportive, the Perl-lings for being such a nice bunch of people to work with and to learn from. Thanks also to all the nice people I've met along the way (dudes!), you make Debian a nicer place.

Update: There was another paragraph that I butchered after noticing that the actual process in the last 24 hours was different than what I thought. But anyway, my thanks to Sam, Myon and Ganneff for their respective help in this process. Also, I don't want to forget to thank Ganneff for the trust he'd put on me during this time.