Forget it, there's no fucking way in hell to accomplish that.

The last 6 months of my life had been turned upside-down, it's too much work, too much pressure... My performance at the University (which was never too good) degraded, sometimes I took too much time from my paid work, not to mention the abandon of almost all my other Debian duties. That is enough to drive you nuts, but there's more: a couple of event at my jobs resulted in lots of overwork around March-April and even more in the last month... Sum all this up, and you find that the only way to keep doing things is to rob precious sleeping hours: to finish pending work, to prepare the exams, and from time to time to have a little fun.

The result is a grumpy mood, a aching back, and a tendency to get into arguments easily. My apologies to all the people that I mistreated, specially Marga, who's in a similar state of madness.

So I really hope that DC8 turn out to be a great conference, and that everybody will have a good time. So all this would be justified.