I'm writing this post aboard the train, still in Lisbon. After TAP managed to make almost lose the train because of a series of delays, and having to withstand too many (two is already too many!) children in the plane; I finally can relax and write a little.

This week has been quite hectic, trying to finish some work, getting my French residence permit that among other things, allows me to leave the country, buying cheese for the Cheese & wine party (sorry Bubulle, I had to buy cheese in Casino, didn't have the time to go to the market), and also, fixing the keyboard in my computer!

Having a working keyboard is usually a desired feature in a computer. This one was working, but it was a little... sticky. You see, one night I managed to spill my glass of port wine all over it. So while I managed to use the computer with an external keyboard, for DebConf I wanted to fix it; and since the last laptop keyboard that I dismantled for cleaning —a quite similar accident, not too surprising if you know my drinking habits— ended up with a broken key I wanted a less intrusive approach.

So this is truly the reason for this post: to share a quite simple way of removing sticky materials from your oh-so-delicate keyboard. What I did was to remove the keyboard following the usual procedure, clean the port overflow that could be found behind the keyboard and adjacent places, and then soaking the keyboard with ethanol. I was quite generous with the alcohol, since I decided that being alcohol in a few hours it will just evaporate, and the excess of it would sweep away the dirt and sugar. This morning I reassembled everything, and not only it didn't break, but all the stickiness went away!

Update from Cáceres. I arrived a couple of hours ago. I should have arrived around 5:30, but couldn't because somehow I managed to forget to print a map, copy the address or have something that would allow me to find the place! I remembered the name "Muñoz Torrero" and with that I got some directions, and stopped on each corner trying to find some open AP, with little luck. Finally I found one and learnt that I should go to the other residence, and two hours after leaving the train, I got to my room... Next time I should remember these little details...