It's been a long time without saying any word, my project completely drained any free time!

So it's finished, as long as GSoC goes, but Pancután still is a work in progress. What happened is that it turned out to be a lot more difficult that what I expected, so during the second part of the program —when I would write all the tests— the schedule ran away. Anyway, the tool is in a fully functional state: you can try it now and it —$DEITY forbids— will not crash on you; but it will not be able to spot many errors yet.

So, if you can, please install it and try it out! Bug reports are welcomed, and code will be greatly appreciated. I've set up a debian repository with binaries (i386) and sources where you can grab it from, with all the dependencies, or you can check out the SVN repository. Bear in mind that it depends on a version of libcdio that's still not in the archive, so that can also be found in my private repository.

As expected, my work with this tool doesn't end here; I will continue hacking on it as soon as I end my vacations; which brings me to the other subject of this post...

Tomorrow I'll be leaving Lisbon, heading north to Porto and then the northern region of Spain: Galiza, Asturias, Euskadi and Catalunya; ending later in Madrid. After Spain I'll visit a friend in Paris and money and time will determine what I'll do after that. I am very excited, I love travelling and I really need some rest.

PS: also I moved this blog to blosxom, which I expect to heavy hack on when I get back.