Title A modular lintian-like CD-image testing tool
Student Martín Hernán Ferrari
Mentor Steve McIntyre

The Debian Project routinely builds CD and DVD images of specific distributions, like Debian stable, Debian testing and Debian unstable. Each one of those in different "flavours" that fit different needs (business card, net-inst, full archive) and for different target architectures [1]. Also there are images for various Custom Debian Distributions like Skolelinux, and even live-CD systems.

Many of those images are built weekly or even daily, this results in a *lot* of ISO files.

As verifying that the built images work is currently a manual process, there is too much work spent in this task. Also, images meant for a release need more presumption of correctness, as it would be very bad publicity to ship a broken image.

To alleviate this situation, a modular lintian-like CD-image testing tool is proposed.

¡¡Siiiií!! ¡Mi proyecto para el Google Summer of Code, que me hizo comer las uñas las últimas semanas, fue aprobado!

Una gran responsabilidad, pero voy a poner toda mi fuerza en esto. Van a ser tres meses interesantes. Por lo pronto, voy a pedir que me agreguen al Planet Debian, para ir reportando el avance; y a registrar un BoF en la Debconf, donde pienso mostrar como voy y pedir feedback a los interesados.