It was a surprisingly busy week. The commit notification service CIA was shut down about a week ago, so I spammedsent some messages to announce that KGB could be used as a replacement, and Don Armstrong wrote a great tutorial on how to set it up. As a result, many people came to us to use our bots, or to set-up their own instances.

Since then, 14 Debian sub-projects started using our bots, and we know of at least two other bots being run independently. For a small project that was mainly developed and maintained for our own use, this was quite some unexpected popularity!

With bug reports and feature requests starting to flow in, Damyan Ivanov (who's basically the one doing most of the work these days) sat down and produced a new release. So, I present you, KGB 1.16!

What's new

  • Added support for CVS.
  • Ability to pass a commit URL along with the commit, to provide a direct link to the change-set. This requires both client and server to be updated.
  • Some changes in the colour-scheme.
  • A new script, kgb-add-project, eases the addition of new projects to the server configuration.

Bug fixes

  • Honour 'repository' setting in client configuration file.
  • Make the server not die on reloading.
  • Re-open server log properly on reload.
  • Fix forced single-line commit mode.
  • Documentation fixes, brushed-up packaging.

Coming up soon

  • Short URL support!
  • Broadcast channels that report commits from all repositories (like CIA did on #commits).
  • New --fake option to kgb-client, to test configurations.
  • Add --save option to kgb-add-project to save changes to the config file.
  • Move URL shortening to bot (configurable).
  • Ability to use client-driven color schemes. Can be used to disable all color.